Unusual Musical Opportunities
Piano Concertos – Well Known

Level. The level refers only to technical difficulty. The musical difficulty is not rated, but could well be very high even if the technical difficulty is very low.

The assumption here is that you are an advanced amateur or pre-professional pianist. “Accessible” means that you should have no technical difficulties with this work. “Advanced” means that you might find the work technically challenging. “Professional” means you can probably can play this only if you are very, very advanced (or professional).

Short. Designates works estimated at less than 15 minutes playing time. For some concertos we just don’t have the information. Feel free to email us if you can help fill in this list.

Long. Designates works estimated at over 40 minutes playing time. Again, we don’t always know, so please share what you know.

Two pianos. Works requiring two (or more) pianos have been omitted.

Composer Concerto Level Notes
Bach,J.S. Harpsichord No.1-7 BWV 1052-1058 accessible No.5&7short;#6 arr Brandenburg #4
Bach,J.S. Brandenburg No. 5 BWV 1050 advanced with violin & flute
Bartok #1 - #3 professional  
Beethoven #1 - #5;Op.15,19,37,58,73 advanced #2 more accessible
Beethoven Choral Fantasia Op. 80 advanced pf,chorus,orchestra
Beethoven Triple Op.56 advanced pf,vl,vc
Brahms Op.15,Op.83 advanced Op.83 very advanced
Chopin Piano Concertos #1, #2; Op.11,Op.21 advanced  
Copland Piano Concerto professional short 17'
Dvorak Piano Concerto Op.33 in G minor advanced long
Faure Ballade Op.19 advanced short
Faure Fantaisie Op.111 advanced  
Franck Symphonic Variations(1885) advanced short 17'>
Grieg Piano Concerto Op.16 in A minor advanced  
Haydn Harpsichord Concerto H.XVIII:4 in G major accessible short
Haydn Harpsichord Concerto H.XVIII:7 in F major accessible short
Haydn Harpsichd Concerto H.XVIII:11 in D major accessible  
Liszt Piano Concertos #1 & #2 advanced  
Mendelssohn Piano Concertos #1 & #2 advanced  
Mozart Piano Concertos #4 - #27 accessible  
Prokofiev Piano Concertos #1 - #5 professional #2 is short; #4 for left hand
Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos #1 - #5 professional  
Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini professional  
Ravel Piano Concerto in G major professional  
Ravel Piano Concerto for left hand professional  
Saint-Saens Piano Concertos #1 - #5 advanced  
Schumann Piano Concerto advanced  
Shostakovich Piano Concertos #1 & #2 advanced #1 features trumpet;#2 timpani
Richard Strauss Burlesque professional  
Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1 advanced &npsp;