Unusual Musical Opportunities
Piano Concertos – Seldom Played

Level. The level refers only to technical difficulty. The musical difficulty is not rated, but could well be very high even if the technical difficulty is very low.

The assumption here is that you are an advanced amateur or pre-professional pianist. “Accessible” means that you should have no technical difficulties with this work. “Advanced” means that you might find the work technically challenging. “Professional” means you can probably can play this only if you are very, very advanced (or professional).

Short. Designates works estimated at less than 15 minutes playing time. For some concertos we just don’t have the information. Feel free to email us if you can help fill in this list.

Long. Designates works estimated at over 40 minutes playing time. Again, we don’t always know, so please share what you know.

Two pianos. Works requiring two (or more) pianos have been omitted.

Composer Concerto Level Notes
Anton Arensky Piano Concerto (1882) advanced
Anton Arensky Fantasia (1899) advanced  
Babadjanyan Piano Concerto (1944);Ballade(1950) advanced  
Bach, CPE Keyboard concertos accessible about 50 of these; mostly short
Bach, JC 6 Keyboard concertos accessible mostly short
Barber Piano Concerto Op. 38 not rated  
Beach, Amy Piano Concerto Op. 45 not rated  
Bliss, Arthur Piano Concerto Op. 38 not rated  
Britten Piano Concerto Op. 13 (1938) not rated  
Busoni Piano Concerto Op. 39 not rated very long; requires chorus
Busoni Koncertstucke; Indian Fantasy Op.44 not rated 1890;1915
Chaminade Koncertstucke not rated 1896
Chopin Op.13 Fantasy on Polish Airs advanced  
Chopin Op.22 Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante advanced  
Chopin Op.14 Krakowiak advanced  
Czerny Concertos #1 - #6 not rated #4 for four hands
Czerny 2 concertinos;Divertimento de Concert not rated  
Debussy Fantasy not rated 1890; 24 minutes
Dohnanyi Piano Concertos #1,#2 not rated 1897;1946
Dohnanyi Var. on a nursery song Op. 25 not rated
deFalla Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Symphonic Impressions
Harpsichord Concerto
not rated
Farrenc, Louise Piano Concerto #1;Fantasie not rated
Franck Piano Concerto #1; #2 not rated 1834;1835
Franck Variations Brillantes
Les Djinns (1884)
not rated
Gade, Niels Symphony No.5 for piano and orchestra not rated
Ginastera Piano Concerto Op.28 not rated
Glazunov #1;#2 not rated 1910;1917
Hiller,F. Op.5;Op.69;Op.170 not rated 1831;1842;1874
Hindemith Piano Concerto Op.36 not rated
Hummel Concertos:Op.37a;85;89;110;113 advanced/
Hummel S4;S5;Rondo Brillant Op.56 and Op.98;Op.post.1; not rated 1796;1797;1814;1824;1833
Hummel Concertino Op.73;Theme & Var. Op.97;Rondo op.117;for pf & vl not rated 1816;1820;1829 short;1805
Hummel L’Enchant. d’Oberon op.116;Le Retour à Londres op.127 advanced 1829;1833
Kabalevsky Piano Concertos #1 - #4 not rated 1928;1935;1952 short;1963
Khataturian Piano Concerto #1 not rated 1936
Lalo Piano Concerto #1 not rated 1888
Liszt Malediction
advanced short
MacDowell Op.15;Op.23 not rated 1882;1884
Martinu Fantasia concertante not rated
Martucci, G. Op.40;Op.66 not rated 1878;1885
Massenet Piano Concerto not rated 1878;1885
Medtner Piano Concerto Op.33 not rated 1914-1918
Mendlessohn Early concertos: A minor, D minor not rated 1822,1823 (with violin)
Mendlessohn Capriccios brilliant: B minor Advanced 1824
Mendlessohn Rondo brilliant;Serenade;Allegro gioccoso not rated 1831,1837,1838
Mendlessohn Concerto #3 (partial) not rated 1842-- 2 movements
Menotti Piano Concerto not rated
Milhaud Poème sur un cantique de Camargue Op.13
Ballade Op.61; 5 Etudes Op.63; 3
Rag Caprices Op.78
not rated 1913,1920,1920-9m,1922
Milhaud Le carnaval d’Aix Op.83b
Fantaisie pastorale Op.188
Suite concertante Op.278a
not rated 1926,1938-8m, 1946
Milhaud Concerto No. 1 Op.127; No. 2 Op.225
No. 3 Op.270; No. 4 Op. 295; No. 5 Op.346
not rated 1933,1941,1946,1949,1955
Milhaud Suite concertante Op.278a
Concert De chambre Op. 389
not rated 1947,1961
Moszkowski Piano Concerto #1 not rated 1897
Novak, V. Piano Concerto #1 not rated 1895
Paderewsky Piano Concerto Op.17 not rated
Pierne, Gabriel Piano Concerto not rated 1887
Pierne, Gabriel Fantaisie-Ballet;Scherzo;Poeme not rated 1885,1890,1903
Piston, Walter Concertino not rated short-13min
Poulenc Piano Concerto;Aubade not rated 1949;
Reger, Max Piano Concerto Op. 114 not rated 1910
Reinecke,Carl Concertos Op.72, 120,144,254 not rated 1860,1872,1877,1901
Ries, Ferdinand Concertos Op.42,55,115,120,123,132,151,177 not rated 1808,1812,1809,1816,1816,1823,1826,1832
Rimsky-Korsakov Piano Concerto not rated 1884
Rubenstein, Anton Piano Concertos: #1 - #5 not rated 1850,1851,1853,1864,1874
Rubenstein, Anton Fantasia; Concertino;Caprice not rated 1869;1889;1878
Saint-Saens Rhapsodie D’Auvergne Op. 73; Africa Op 89; not rated short
Scharwenka, Xaver Concertos #1 - #4 not rated 1876;1881;1898;1908
Schnabel Artur Piano Concerto not rated
Schoenberg, A. Piano Concerto Op. 42 not rated
Schumann, Clara Piano Concerto not rated 1836
Schumann, Robert Concert-allegro Op. 134
Intro & allegro appass Op. 92
not rated short
Scriabin Piano Concerto Op. 20 not rated 1896
Shostakovitch Assault on Beautiful Gorky not rated 1951
Strauss, Richard Penathenaenzug
Parergon Zur Sinfonia Domestica
not rated for left hand 1927; 1924
Tchaikovsky Concertos Op.44, 75
Fantasie Op. 56
not rated
Thuille, Ludwig Piano concerto not rated 1881
Turina, Joaquin Rapsodia Sinfonica not rated 1931 short
Villa Lobos Bachianas brasileiras #3
not rated
Weber, C. M. Op.11;Op.32 not rated
Weber, C. M. Konzertstuck Op. 79
Polonaise brillante op.72
not rated short
Widor, Charles Piano Concerto #1, #2
not rated 1876;1906;1889
Wieniawaski Concertino not rated
Ysaye #1,#2 not rated 1904;1909
Zelenski Wladyslaw Op.60 not rated 1930