Unusual Musical Opportunities

About Moxart

Moxart, Inc. was formed as a not-for-profit corporation in 2010 with both musical and technical goals. The musical mission is to provide musicians, specifically including amateur musicians, with opportunities that would otherwise not be available. The technical mission is to help other non-profits with software that addresses nearly all their needs and is very easy to use.

The Concerto Program offers advanced amateur and pre-professional musicians an opportunity to rehearse and perform a concerto with a fine orchestra. It is open by audition to players of any instrument, who choose their own concerto.

The Open Recital Program is available to players of any level who wish to gain performance experience. Participants may play anything they wish, for up to twenty minutes, in a relaxed, informal and encouraging setting. There is a multiplicity of opportunities here: to learn the techniques of performance as opposed to practicing or playing for oneself; to overcome nervousness; to perform a work several times (as most professionals regularly do, and most amateurs almost never); to do a dress rehearsal of music to be performed elsewhere.

Comprehensive Software. Moxart has created EZ*NP to provide comprehensive software to other non-profits, so that they can manage their organizations as efficiently and effectively as possible. The software is available at EZNP.org.

To apply for any of the programs, or to be placed on our email list, contact Executive Director Betty Mock: betty@moxart.org.